Whirls and apron

Chuckles and aprons for the smallest

From the very birth, the baby feeds on the mother's milk. As a rule, after 6 months, parents introduce lures and offer baby to try new food for him. And so that the child is not stained by clothes, it is worn to bibs and buttons .

At this time, it's nice to look like a child at a very adult eats from a spoon and Misks porridge and mashed puree everywhere: on a plate, table, blouse, palms. He learns to eat "other" for him, so adults must show patience and perseverance. And if you have already become interested in eating adults your baby, feeding clothes are salvation from additional styrics. Buttons for children are the necessary clothing. After all, they help keep tidwing and protect things from stains.

The slumber for children can be made of various materials. Depending on this factor, the product can be divided into four types:

  • fabric is the most familiar view of the bib. Usually they are made of Mahra or knitwear, due to which they absorb moisture well. This feature allows you to use a product for newborns and infants who have a rich salivation.
  • plastic - designed exclusively for food. Such models are usually equipped with a special "pocket" that does not give food to fall on the floor, clothing or furniture.
  • adhesive - similar bibs are perfectly repelled water, keeping the child's clothes dry and Clean.
  • Combined - has several layers for maximum protection against contamination. The upper coating of such products is fabric, and the bottom - adhesive.

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