Slingonquidas for an ergonomic backpack

SlingonKidka is a cape for mom and baby in a sling

consists of an outdoor and inner layer. Hears and shelters from rain, wind and snow. It is not necessary to buy a slingocurtain - cape (reliably on top of the baby in a sling and mamina jacket) is quite capable of creating a kid comfort during the cold season. You can hide the legs of the baby inside, you can leave them outside. Advantage over a jacket: Suitable for different overhead clothes, can be used by different adults.

Wearing a child under the clothes of an adult more convenient to wear over the outerwear: no need to buy separate outerwear for a child to easily feel, isn't the baby too hot or It is more convenient to breastfeed to breastside on the street in the sling decreases the process of dressing, which annoys most of the children is more convenient to ride in the subway and public transport, visit the stores (it is enough to unbuck your outerwear and remove the hat from the child's head so that it is not hot). Overheating for newborns and babies is more dangerous supercooling!

Diami Slingonakid

Slingonquidas for an ergonomic backpack
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