Training panties

Bamboo and cotton training panties

Training panties An indispensable thing in the farm for any mom. You can start using them from 3 - 6 months. In order for the child to rest from disposable diapers and at the same time there was no puddle around. Panties are calculated only on one popist, after which it is necessary to immediately replace the panties. They are ideal for home and walks in the hot season.

For breakdowns to the pot, such panties are used by 1-2 years, at this age the child will begin to feel discomfort from Poppers and with time, will begin to signal mom about It needs to be planted.

All training panties are made mainly of natural fabrics, from which there are no irritations and dialoses of children, unlike diapers. For the most part, the panties are equipped with a water-winding breathable furnace, which breathes and does not allow to overheat.

It is important to know !!! Training panties are all wedged off from the outside (they have such a task). Only grunting, the panties take the ambient temperature and become cold and not comfortable to the baby. And this discomfort, helps the kid to learn to the pot. In hermetic diaper there is no such effect.

Almost all training cowards are more (volume) ordinary panties. In order to properly choose the size of the panties , we recommend that you repel from the thigh of the child (measurement around the priests in the center). Share this measurement in half and see the width of the panties specified in the product card. You must be placed in the measurement. If the kid is very slender or large, we recommend also to pay when choosing a size on the volume of legs (the measurement indicated in the product card).

Now we will tell you what panties differ from each other

in the first panties They differ from each other absorbing layer, the amount of layer and composition of these layers. The more layers, the greater the pipes of the panties will be able to absorb themselves and at the same time remain as dry outside. But do not forget that absorbing the panties fluid must be immediately replaced otherwise with the active movement of the child from the panties, the liquid will be squeezed on dry areas of panties, and the panties in the speed will turn completely.

The next difference is the presence of rubber or leaving on legs. In our opinion, the delusion believes that panties without rubberry are always worse than those with elastic bands on the legs, since. If you correctly pick up the size of the panties and frosting is covered with the leg, the flow of fluid past the panties does not happen.

also panties Differed landing. There are panties with high, medium and low fit. These differences are rather visual-aesthetic than functional: -)

Next panties are distinguished by the height of the membrane and the correspondingly absorbing layer in front and the width of the place between the legs. The height of the membrane is certainly an important factor, especially for boys. And the width of the place between the legs increases the absorbent properties of the panties. T. K. The larger there is fabric and absorbent layer, the more fluid absorbed.

And lastly, panties are with appliqué and without it. Even if the panties on the pictures have the same drawings on the pope, in reality they are very different. All applications are made in different ways, alone qualitative from different fabrics of terry and smooth, others are made of ordinary artificial felt.

What panties are thicker and can more absorb liquids, the longer they will dry. You can dry panties on batteries, but necessarily through a towel.

Inserts are not needed for training panties, but to increase absorbing properties, they can be added additionally. You can purchase them separately or make it from the girlfriend (for example, from an old terry towel, cutting it into pieces). Our store presents many different versions of training panties so that every mother chose an optimally appropriate option for price and quality.

We advise you to buy different panties on the sample, and then buy your liked models, since. All kids are different, and the wishes and expectations of mothers, too. So you can choose the best option for you.

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