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Warm-mounted pelleys for your babies

From the birth of the baby, each mother is faced with the question of the need to buy a waterproof pellery. Some moms choose disposable pelleys, others stop their choice on reusable tissue waterproof pellecoms. In our online store there are precisely such pelleins.

Let's start with the question where we need Pelainka. For those who use disposable diapers - Pelains are needed for a changing table, a baby bed (after all, let him not write to it, but it often happens with a drinking milk), hiking in a children's clinic, massage, or just For the moment of resting the child from the diaper. As well as the necessary thing when teaching a baby from diapers. After all, the moment will always come when the kid is already like and does not write in the crib, but there are mistakes.

For mothers who have chosen natural swaddling and disposable diapers, waterproof pelleins will become reliable assistants to the several years of life of the baby . In the crib, on the sofa, in the wheelchair, changing table, car seat, visiting, clinic, joint sleep, etc. Such moms are ready for leaks in breathable diapers and panties and infended by waterproof pellets.

What are the pelleins?

Pelains are one-way and double-sided, with an additional absorbent layer and without it, with cotton or a bamboo top layer, with elastic bands and without them, from small to large sizes.

As a rule, Two-sided Pelainka better hold the form and thanks to the unmounted second side, do not argue when the baby is moving. The additional absorbent layer decreases the diameter of the wet spot after Poppers, increases the density of the diaper and thereby increases its ability to not to erase when the baby is moving. But such diapers will dry out longer than pelleys without an additional absorbent layer.

Bamboo pelleins Muchly softer compared to cotton pellets, better absorb liquid, but more demanding to washing and are less wear-resistant In comparison with cotton water-mounted pellets.

rubberbies are mainly present on the pellecoms of a large (bed) sized pellery. And help to fix the pelleton on the mattress of a cots.

Thanks to a wide variety of sizes, each mother may choose the size of it based on the purpose of a waterproof diaper.

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