Pants with hole for training panties and diapers

With the advent of training cowards in the market, many moms have encountered a problem. When using training cowards at home during the cold season, it is necessary to wear pants or tights, but because after Popis, the training pants immediately become wet outside, then the clothes are dressed on top of the pants winds immediately and requires replacement with training cowards.

As a result, the pants need to have as much as many panties in the farm. This situation causes difficulties. exit is!

For training panties and diapers, pants with a hole

Thanks to the pants with an open-step seam, this problem is solved. Pants are sewn so they do not concern the training panties dressed under them. Therefore, after Poppers and wetting panties, the pants do not require replacement, only panties need to be changed. The child is warm and the task with buying a pile of pants - solved. You can also use pants with a hole (with an open stepper seam) and for disposable and reusable diapers.

As you know, one-time and reusable diapers are known and it is usually necessary to buy pants with a high fit or size more so that the baby is comfortable . In the pants with open walking seam this is not necessary. Because Volumetric diaper does not agitate the pants. Pants with a hole are made of cotton knitwear, and cotton knitwear with pile. Elastic belt and legs on the legs will create comfort and amenities Kid.

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