Why disposable diapers are bad

Modern young parents cannot imagine their comfortable life and comfort for their little child without disposable diapers. And this is not surprising. The advent of disposable diapers has made life much easier for young parents. You no longer need to wake up at night and change wet diapers or “catch” a sleepy baby on a potty, you no longer need to worry about a “wet disaster” on the road and take with you for a walk several pairs of tights and panties. No more wasting your time washing, disinfecting and ironing gauze diapers. No more…

It would seem that the use of disposable diapers is one solid plus. But not always what makes life much easier for us really brings only one benefit. There are enough minuses in the use of disposable diapers, and in their constituent components there are “dark spots”. It is enough to take a closer look at the composition and substances that are listed on the packages of standard disposable diapers. And then ask what all these chemical terms mean in our language, accessible to an ordinary citizen. Crystalline sodium polyacrylate can be found in any disposable diaper. This is exactly the substance that absorbs the liquid. It has a notorious reputation for causing allergic reactions, which can provoke toxic shock syndrome.

Unfortunately, none of the scientists on the question of whether such a close proximity of children's delicate skin with such a toxic substance during the first years of a child's life can not exactly answer. The thin plastic membrane that separates the crystalline polyacrylate from the baby's skin is a real breeding ground for germs and bacteria. Add to this the lack of air, a slight "greenhouse effect", irritation of delicate skin and a comfortable disposable diaper turns into a sophisticated instrument of torture for the baby.

This list of substances that are carcinogenic, disrupt the normal function of the body's defenses and immunity, and harm the endocrine system can probably be continued for a long time. Enough has already been said about this. Convenience and comfort, at first glance, actually pose a danger to the health of the baby.

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