Toothbrush new generation using nanotechnology with bristles from bamboo coal (this is explained by black color).

  • This unique toothbrush will help Restore the natural whiteness of the teeth.
  • Its bristles radiates negative ions and infrared radiation, and also has strong antibacterial properties.
  • Thanks to nanotechnology, the bristles are covered with a 99.9% bamboo coal layer. The same toothbrush has two types of bristle lengths, it helps not only thoroughly obscure yourself, but also cleaned the most hard-to-reach places.
  • Especially appreciate the effect of this wonderful brush lovers of coffee and smokers - due to the strong absorbent properties of bamboo coal, The brush has a whitening property.
  • Unlike the usual, there are no harmful bacteria on this toothbrush, since bamboo coal has very pronounced bactericidal properties, and therefore the brush will serve you much longer - up to 12 months!
  • This brush has a strong deodorizing property - the well-known property of coal absorb all odors, will allow you to significantly refresh your breathing.
  • softness brushes can be adjusted with hot water. Holding it 15-30 seconds in hot water, you can significantly soften the bristles.
  • Thanks to the effectiveness of this toothbrush, you can save up the use of toothpaste up to 4 times

review About brushes from the Internet

I bought these brushes for the sample, according to the principle "all ran, and I ran" but it turned out to be a very successful purchase, for very modest money. Previously, I used an electric toothbrush from Braun, but after the first cleaning of the teeth with a coal brush, completely abandoned BRAUN. The fact is that two types of bristles are combined in a coal brush, it is clearly visible in the photo below. Nano Dental Care's coal toothbrush is soft, enamel and gum does not scratch, but at the same time it cleans all the hard-to-reach places. No other toothbrushes and did not dream of such a result. Thin and long bristles perform the role of the dental thread, calmly (you don't even feel it) penetrates between the teeth and clears the perfectly all tooth. Teeth clean one pleasure. Also noticed that the perfectly smooth and clean teeth are saved much longer, I have long forgotten what a raid is))) Well, the main merit! I used to bleed the gum, while cleaning the teeth, and with any toothbrushes. With the transition to Korean toothpastes has become better, but the problem remains. And with the transition to the coal toothbrush Nano Dental Care, the problem completely disappeared! I am madly glad! About the fact that the toothbrush should not be changed for 12 months, the producers have schitri, because 3 months later on my brush a little long bristles

The unique bamboo properties have made it possible to create a toothbrush with a pile, quite strong for high-quality removal of plaque from the teeth, but simultaneously elastic enough to gently massage the gums, not scratching them .

Nano Toothbrushes are made of environmentally friendly materials and have bactericidal properties

For the production of bristles of a toothbrush as a raw material used bamboo growing in highlands for more than 5 years. Bamboo, for 30 days, is born at high temperatures, as a result of which a dense mass is obtained having a porous structure that has moisture resistance and antibacterial properties.

In addition, the resulting bamboo coal makes useful for human terahertz Waves and forms negative oxygen ions, which contributes to the activation of cells in the body, improves blood circulation.
Toothbrush black color is a natural color of bamboo coal.

bristles contain ions of active bamboo coal, which have a high adsorbing property, prevent the accumulation of moisture, remove the dental flare.

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