Merino wool thermal underwear

Mercel of wool

With the onset of cold weather, you have to think about warm clothes. Sweaters, sweaters, down jackets and fur coats - all of them are intended only for one purpose: Save warm. Cold It's time is a real test for the body: the ambient temperature is constantly changing. Dressed before going out into the street, we overheat the body, outdoors the thermometer column drops down, in transport, personal or social, warm again. All listed factors lead to an abundant sweating, blending flow. Now there is enough easy draft to get sick with a cold illness, or put up muscles.

Recent studies of the therapists testify that it is not worthwhile to dress too easy, but rather hot. Solving the problem is a woolen thermal rubber with merino wool, in other words, sheep.

Thermowel solves 3 Main problems:

  1. creates the perfect temperature regime for the body
  2. takes moisture from the body
  3. Provides healing properties

Merinos wool have cavities that create a protective air layer, providing an optimal microclimate for you. The unique property of woolen linen is that even wetting it, it retains the heat of the body. In addition, wool is able to absorb moisture up to 33% of its own weight. To date, there are no tissues that can fully replace merino wool.

As already mentioned, such linen has healing properties.

Therapeutic effect is determined by several factors:

  1. Merinos wool in contact with the skin, having an arraying effect, improving blood microcirculation
  2. substances that are contained in sheep wool, favorably affect the joints

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