Parsley toys on hand

Toys on Nici's hand with legs and without legs

Such toys will help develop a speech, creative abilities, fantasy. Playing in the puppet theater, the child is comprehensively developing, becomes more sociable, gets a lot of positive emotions!

Toys - Gloves of the company NICI (Germany) are very high-quality and beautiful toys. Well familiar German brand Nici very popular and recognizable in our lives. Surely, you have noticed the characteristic icons on school backpacks, and magnets on the refrigerator, and mascots in cars, bags, pencils, wallets ... Founded in 1986, Nici GmbH today is one of the world's largest manufacturers of high-quality goods for children and adults. The German brand factories are located in China. In the process of manufacturing products, materials and components are used, the quality of which is verified.

Nici duck

Parsley toys on hand
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Turtle Nici.

Parsley toys on hand
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Nici Nici Giraffe

Parsley toys on hand
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Panda Nici.

Parsley toys on hand
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