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That's why bamboo is better cotton:

Bamboo properties:

It turns out that bamboo in nature does not rot, wherever it is: in a swamp if, in dirty water, or In any other pathogenic conditions. This occurs due to the substance located in its tubular structure, open by Japanese scientists and the "Bamboo Kun" - "bamboo jade".

It is due to this substance, products made of bamboo fibers have pronounced antimicrobial properties. So, on the surface of a 100% natural bamboo canvas per day, up to 75% of bacteria naturally dies.

bamboo fiber has a high porosity, and, therefore, hygroscopicity. The absorption rate of moisture at the bamboo fiber is 4 times higher than in cotton, and the volume of the moisture absorbed is more than 1.6 times.

Bamboo fiber is very durable. That is why the ancient manuscripts written on paper from bamboo, preserved to the present day.

Bamboo fiber soft and has a natural gloss, so the fabric is very gentle and reminds of Silk.

An important property is the environmental friendliness of this material. Bamboo is growing in environmentally friendly areas of Southeast Asia. As the fastest growing plant on the planet, the bamboo does not require chemical fertilizers to stimulate growth, and the processing of the steam required to produce bamboo fiber does not harm the environment.

The air permeability of matter provides a special, porous, fiber structure. The bamboo cloth was entrusted with a textile reputation that any bacteria was not scared. And the bacterial protection is presented to the bamboo nature, and not the chemical industry. Bamboo fabric is not only a doctor, but also a beautician.

Petin components included in the fiber plant has a wellness effect on the skin, encouraging her cells to full growth.

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