Horn combs

Natural calcination from horns (handmade)

Indications for use of comb combs:

  • Slow growth or hair loss
  • Dandruff
  • Walled diseases
  • Nervous overexcitation and insomnia
  • Headaches

Choose from the horns is not intended for hair styling. Its main task is to purify the skin from damaged cells by attracting them, which speeds up the process of cellular update and improves blood circulation. This contributes to the supply of hair root oxygen. It is recommended to use it once every 2-3 days or immediately before applying concentrates or serums intended for the scalp. Exposure time: 10-15 minutes.

In China, the horny makes more than five thousand years. Great scientist, doctor and pharmacologist Li Shizhhene in the directory of traditional Chinese medicine "Banzao Ganma" wrote about them: "Only Others from the horns has such a feature as blood attracting. It is worth spending her on the head, and you instantly feel a tide of heat, the skin is warmed and becomes ruddy. Massage of the skin of the head made of horns will remove the nervous voltage. The constant use of horny comb prevents hair loss and relieve dandruff. Prolonged use of horny comb removes frequent headaches and insomnia. "

12 main meridians and 8 additives are located under the hair. On the skin of the head there are about a quarter of all acupuncture points of the body, in addition, there are more than a dozen special zones for stimulation on the head, therefore combing the hair of the horny mass due to its features, the effect of the immunostimulator produces. In the process of calculating the hair of the horny comb, acupuncture points "Bai Hui", "Shen Shen Tsung", "Shang Sin", as a result of which the flow of blood coming to the root part of the hair is increasing, weakened roots receive the necessary meals and are strengthened, which stops loss and intensively Stimulates hair growth. The horny comb acts on the blood like a magnet: having spent on the skin of the head, you will feel the heat caused by the instantaneous increase in blood circulation rate, which is just necessary with an excessively slow hair growth rate or their falling out.

horny teeth All erosive cells collect combat, so that the nutrient ingredients from elixirs, masks and serum penetrate the root of the hair. Comb delays all harmful bacteria and excess fat, highlighted by sall glands. The use of horny combat helps to prevent and treat the dandruff, eliminate the peeling of the scalp. After applying it, it is necessary to just wipe with a dry cloth.

When massageing the horny comb, the exchange processes in the skin are improved, toxins are displayed. The girls do not forget about the massage brush, taking a bath, use scrubs for the body before applying nutritional wraps, make peeling face, but they forget about the skin of the head ... Although the skin of the head is a paradise for bacteria: it is always warm, sometimes wet, and they There is where to "hide".

The opposite side of the horn makes the neck, cheeks, lba are the opposite side of the horn - this is the famous Ancient Chinese Massage Guasha. Guasha is a natural non-invasive way of recovery that does not give complications. The names of "Guasha" translates as follows: "Gua" - scrub, "Sha" is bad. That is, "scrub everything is bad." In modern China, massage received widespread distribution. It takes an important place in the healthy lifestyle system.

handmade. All calculations differ from each other in color, thickness, drawing horns. The discrepancy of ± 2 cm. On the photo, the calculations are exhibited for example! All combs are made manually, differ in thickness and bentness (because Horn natural material and has a different natural curved) and the color (natural non-smooth horny color).

the calculations are sent in random order. You can choose only the size and basic form.

Horn comb 15cm

Horn combs
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