Hair ties Invisibobble

Hair Rubber - Invisibobble

Useful, and the main thing is comfortable to use an elastic band for hair, which exactly resembles a telephone cord, and which can still be put on the hand as a bracelet. The peculiarity of the design does not harm the hair, the plastic in the form of curls will save you from the transfers of hair, uneven distribution by the diameter of the gum, and in general will give the original hairstyle, without having to redo the tail several times, saving the precious time for fees.

< P> Miniature looks, it is remarkably stretched along the width of the palm, without losing its flexible properties, returns to the original state. Hair gum Іnvisibobble won the sympathy of millions of girls from around the world, because the hair comfort is important to each of us. It allows you to evenly distribute the pressure on all the strands of the hair evenly, without leaving traces on your hair after use, makes grasp durable, without pulling out your precious curls.

Suitable for a tight horse tail and for elegant pigtails , And if you have curly hair - it does not matter, Invisibobble will cope with this, curly, task. It's great to hold the form, so you don't have to get upset more due to one-time rubber band.

Invisibobble elastic bands - an original modern accessory with which it is impossible to stay unnoticed.

Advantages Invisibobble:

  • does not leave the chances on the hair
  • prevents headaches
  • cares for hair
  • suitable for all types of hair
  • < Li> Does not get confused in the hair
  • when removing does not pull the hair and does not shy them
  • restores its original shape (ate to lower it in hot water)
  • It can be used as a bracelet

focus in the fact that the original shape of the hairpin, resembling a telephone cable, thanks to uniform pressure on the collected hair does not damage them.

Everyone knows that The use of ordinary gum often occurs a headache. This does not happen to the Invisibobble cloth, because it does not pull individual hairs due to their original form.

ease of use in exercise or on vacation. Podpolka water-repellent, easily removed / put on, at the same time holds the hairstyle created by you.

If the rubberry stretched out then, it is necessary to put a gum into a bowl and pour boiling water. Pull out of the water, cool at room temperature and wear further.

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