Cretaceous board self-tech and cretaceous markers

Marker and Cretaceous Film: Excellent alternative to conventional chalk boards

Perfect for decoration. The chalk film is ideal for interiors - at home and in offices. For the kitchen, recording reminders and messages to your family on the walls. The stylist film in restaurants and cafes will greatly decorate the interior and add sent to visitors. Great for children's room. No longer forbidden to draw on wallpaper. The film is easily removed and leaves no traces.

You can draw on the chalk film with ordinary chalk, as well as a chalk marker, it is erased as the usual chalk.

The film can be glued to the painted surface , Glass, tile, metal, wood, doors, plastic, wallpaper with a flat surface.

The film is easy to glue (you can do it yourself without any help), removed and leaves marks.

Cretaceous board self-tech and cretaceous markers ➤
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