Finger theaters

Want to captivate kids in an interesting game?

Then the finger theater is exactly what you are looking for!

Finger-theater is a magical The world in which the child is rejoiced, playing, and, playing, knows the world around. The finger theater is a wonderful material for the development of children of imagination, thinking and speech. Games with fingers are not only a stimulus for speech development and shallow motility, but also one of the options for joyful communication with loved ones.

Already at the age of 6-7 months you can "arrange" ideas for your child. For example, your favorite duckling will come and sing songs. This simple view will not leave indifferent your baby.

later, after 1 year, when a child starts understanding speech, parents can play small scenes in front of him already between two toys. Finger dolls "Right" on the finger will not let you get bored, and make a company while walking or visiting the clinic, on the road. They will not take a lot of space in the mother's handbag and help to entertain baby.

Palchic theater is a unique opportunity to place a fairy tale in the child in which he will be able to take the role of any hero. The child can handle any character on his finger and play, or, if the crumb is completely small, for him it will make mom - and thanks to your baby will not be the limit.

When a child is about a year - he will be happy to listen to And at the same time, look at the fairy tale with your favorite characters, dressed on your mom or dad.

From two years, the child will be happy to play and invent his fairy tales.

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Finger theaters
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Finger theaters
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Finger theaters
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Finger theaters
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Finger theaters
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Finger theaters
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