What can you give to your child on 1st birthday

The baby is growing very fast, every day brings something new and interesting to all family members. When approaching the first day of the crumbs of birth, parents do not always believe that a whole year has passed since he was born. I would like to celebrate this day in particular, that the child understand the importance of this holiday. And any holiday - it is always fun and gifts.

Where, how and when to apply for a passport for a child?

Families with young children often ask questions about how to issue a passport to his newly born child of and whether, in general, to do it. Especially acute these issues are in families who do not like to sit at home, preferring travel. Also, this issue of concern to people who have relatives abroad. To know exactly how to arrange the permits and in some cases it is necessary to do, you need to consider the issue from various angles.