What to gift a child: 20 best ideas

Choosing a gift for a birthday is not an easy task and you should not leave the purchase to the last moment. If the baby's mother is your good friend

Choosing a gift for a year is not an easy task and you should not leave the purchase until the last moment. If the baby's mother is your good friend and close relative, invite her to make a list of desired gifts. For example, create a post on social networks only for invitees and indicate an adequate list of surprises for the hero of the occasion. Let the guests sort it out and report what they are going to give to the little birthday boy.

If you yourself go to a birthday party for a one-year-old, do not hesitate to discuss with his parents what is better to give to the baby. Perhaps you will be called a specific thing, or they will tell you that they would prefer money.

If the gift was not specified for you or you were treated with the trivial “We don’t need anything, just come”, do not rack your brains on how to please the baby - choose from the 10 best gift ideas for a year old, tested in practice.</em >

Shop certificate

For example, to a multi-brand store for children's things or toys. Such a present gives mom and dad the freedom to choose the purchase itself, its price and shopping time. Perhaps they will use it the next day after the holiday, or maybe they will exchange it for the necessary thing in six months.

Paid training course at the development center

If you know that the parents of the crumbs want to take the young "rodent of sciences" to the nearest early development center, give them a certificate for a course of classes (usually a month, 3 months). It is desirable that parents themselves can choose the time.

Photo shoot for the baby

It's a great idea for the baby and his mom and dad to have a selection of luxurious professional photos as a keepsake. You can order a photographer directly for the holiday, but it is better to discuss directly with the parents of the crumbs on which day it is convenient for them to arrange a family photo session.

Scrapbook or creative photo album

You can give just an empty album, but it's better to ask the baby's parents for his best photos from birth and order a ready-made chronicle album from scrapbooking craftswomen. Surely this surprise will make a splash! Yes, do not forget to leave a blank spread at the end of the album, where the parents of the crumbs will paste a photo from the first birthday.

You can also give a bright photo book-book created from digital photos of a child using computer graphics. Choose a cartoon theme and you will be delighted!

Wheel toy

All one-year-old children learn the basics of "upright walking", so they adore all kinds of wheelchair toys. This can be with a handle in front or be carried by a rope. A small pedestrian will take such fun on wheels for every walk and just carry around the house.


It is also a win-win option, because such a “transport” can be both carried by a rope, and you can ride it yourself when mom or dad pull the rope. If you opted for such a machine, give preference to the option with bright and moving parts on the “dashboard” that can be twisted and moved.

Prams for dolls

Another option for a wheelchair for a young lady (although, judging by the observations on the playground, young gentlemen also roll their strollers - only instead of dolls they bring plush hares and cars). It’s good to give a small cute baby doll as a pair to the stroller. And do not buy a big, heavy one with a metal case, because you will have to take it for a walk every day.

Play tent or house

All kids love to build "huts" from bedspreads, and this way the baby will have his own secret corner. Pay attention to the houses with a labyrinth-pipe, through which little fidgets love to climb.

Musical educational mats

Colorful mats with light and sound effects that help the baby develop. They contribute to the training of coordination of movements, stimulation of motor activity, rhythm and hearing.

Floor puzzle mats

Children's puzzle mats - soft and pleasant to the touch - these are not just rugs and not just puzzles. They have at least 3 useful functions:
• an excellent educational game for the development of logic and memory;
• while playing, the baby learns letters and numbers;
• a warm and soft rug for games.</ p>

Inflatable pool with balls

They presented it, inflated it, immediately filled it with balls and showed the baby how you can frolic in this mini-"ocean". Mom and dad of the baby will surely strangle you in their arms, because the baby will sit in the pool without getting out for at least 15 minutes. Just prepare the parents of the birthday boy that these balls are miraculously evenly distributed throughout the apartment and they will have to be collected regularly. This is also a benefit - fitness!

Developing, training table

A kind of developing mini-center, which contains educational games (usually a sorter, a pyramid, a constructor, puzzles). Such a toy well develops perseverance, motor coordination and logic of the baby. One downside is the price. But you can You can buy it for the crumbs with someone to share.

Interactive books

“Talking” books, in which the text or part of it is voiced, remain in the favorites of children for years. Children are very fond of books in which you can poke a finger on a drawing of an animal or insect and hear how it buzzes, growls or meows.

Educational books

They are made from different fabrics, and each turn is a whole simulator for the development of the baby. For "drawing" in the book, fabrics of different textures are used, the baby needs to fasten and unbutton buttons, "zipper", "Velcro", lay figures on strings in pockets. It's just a miracle!

Water painting pad

There are rugs on which you can draw not with paints, but with water. Water is collected in a special aqua marker, and the young artist can create even while sitting, although crawling. The drawings disappear as they dry (about 5-10 minutes), and no traces remain on the rug. You can start creating! And no mess.

Interactive toys

These fun - bears, bunnies, dogs or even pots read fairy tales, sing songs, count, repeat words after the baby. And the interactive bear Bochi even knows how to send voice messages from grandparents, mom and dad, brothers and sisters - the kid just needs to say something and press the plush friend's paw.

Developing music mats

They are equipped with a variety of sound and light "special effects" that the baby can use by simply walking or crawling on them. They entertain the baby and train his coordination of movements, rhythm, hearing and motor skills of the legs.

Music phone

One-year-olds are already copying adults with might and main, especially the ritual of talking on the phone. Often the first word of the crumbs is not “mom” or “dad”, but “alyo”.


Finger. On a wooden base, on three static wires, you can “roll” different figures, beads, details with handles. A great gift and trainer for motor skills. Multi-story plastic. You can launch balls or cars into it. Delight!


Better low and double-sided, with a magnetic board - for drawing with crayons and a marker, attaching magnetic letters and numbers. For the young "Aivazovsky", who probably already left a couple of scribbles on the wallpaper, such a gift is just a godsend.

Bath toys

A set of figurines/numbers/letters that can be attached to tiles, magic faucets and mills into which you can pour water and watch how it flows out and moves/turns mechanisms, a ring that is attached to the wall and thrown into it ball, floating animals and floating mechanical fish.

You can list for a long time, but the essence is the same - bath toys are also included in the list of excellent useful surprises. Friend and close relative, invite her to make a list of desired gifts...

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    • Sancho
    • 2022-05-28 20:56:23
    What to gift to 5-years child&?
    • Admin
    • 2022-05-28 20:57:39
    On-line game - the best choice )

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