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    Ergo-backpacks Manduca can be used from birth to 20 kg. These are the only sling backpacks for which no additional inserts should be purchased. Built-in insert can be used for newborn children (the legs of the baby are located inside the backpack), from 4 months old, you can plant a backpack with widely diluted legs; The only, in its kind, Ergo Backpacks for newborns Manduka became an invisible thing for thousands of mothers around the world.

    The height of the backing of the Manduki is adjustable. When the child is growing up, the back can be ruined, which allows the ERGO-backpack with comfortable children with comfort. Also, the increase in the backpack backpack allows you to fix the kid head to 3-4 months. Ergo-backpack Manduk can become the only carrying for a child since birth and up to 3 years.

    Only natural fabrics are used in German backpacks, only natural fabrics are used, so we are not hot and comfortable in any weather. A specially selected composition of the backpack fabric allows to achieve high ventilance in hot weather. Each model is a backpack there is a hood that hides in hidden pockets.

    Manduka is famous for the best fitness. It protects straps and carrying belt from accidental disclosure. Fastex on the belt ergortzak is equipped with an additional protective latch.

    Original packaging. Instruction.

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