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Aluminum Apron with Pocket - Hare

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Chuckle, apron for feeding and creativity Waterproof is designed specifically for kids who learn to eat alone. Such a whirlwind apron will completely close the child's clothing and protect it from pollution. At the bottom of the pocket, the bucket, which serves as a kind of food container and fluid that does not fall into the toddler's mouth. From the opposite side on the strings, which allows you to adjust the size. The whirlwind apron is suitable for thin babies and for fastening.

Material: PVC (dense oilcloth).

edges neatly processed by braid.

Special care does not require , It is enough to wipe with a sponge under the jet of water.


Shoulder length to Niza - 39 cm.

< P> Width (measurement made at hand) - 30 cm.

The neck width is 11 cm.

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