Where, how and when to apply for a passport for a child?

Where, how and when to apply for a passport for a child?

Families with young children often ask questions about how to issue a passport to his newly born child of and whether, in general, to do it. Especially acute these issues are in families who do not like to sit at home, preferring travel. Also, this issue of concern to people who have relatives abroad. To know exactly how to arrange the permits and in some cases it is necessary to do, you need to consider the issue from various angles.

In some cases, the child need a separate passport?

In principle, it is necessary to do a passport is not always for the baby. If parents already have old passports, the mother or father of a document, you can make the child data. In these cases, the name is entered and the name of the newborn, his date of birth. Also, be sure the photo is pasted. This procedure has several advantages:

  1. Fast production.
  2. Cheapness (for this service you will need to pay a lot less money).
  3. Savings on visas (baby, details of which entered into a foreign document of one of the parents will not be required to pay for a visa).

Where, how and when to apply for a passport for a child?

However, as we know, every coin has two sides. Kids without his document can travel just with the parent in whose passport made to their attention. In other words, if the baby is included in the passport, for example, a mother, but she, for various reasons, can not make time to go abroad, it means that the whole family will have to forget about the trip. In addition, the need to eliminate the option newborn departure with another adult on the notarized power of attorney.

As you can see, the disadvantages of incorporating in the baby old data in the parent's passport are many, and chief among them - the restriction conditions for the infant traveling. If the newborn crumbs design your zagrandokument, all these problems will disappear instantly. However, all depends on the wishes of the parents and the child's removal options abroad.

If people with zagrandokumentami old models still have the right to choose, the holders of biometric passports will only design a separate document. No, such a passport can also add information about the child, but they will only confirm what you have family relationship to the newborn child. For permission to travel abroad, this information will not be enough. Therefore, in such situations, you need to make a separate permit.

Biometrics or old-style passport?

If you do decide to make their child a separate zagrandokument, necessary to accurately determine the type of passport. In total there are two versions of this documentation: standard and biometric. Legal force both passport are almost equal, but they have their pluses and minuses.

Advantages of standard documents:

  1. Simplified registration procedure: the baby's presence is not required, all questions can solve one of the parents or a representative of the infant.
  2. Rapid implementation procedures. Get the document can be less than a month.
  3. The availability of services. The cost of the document is 1000 rubles.

The main disadvantage of such a certificate is its incompatibility with modern international standards. It is possible that the holders of such passports will have to travel great steps to obtain a visa (it all depends on the country in which you plan to enter). In addition, the document has a number of drawbacks:

  1. A small number of pages. This issue is important for people who travel very often. You may experience a situation where the document just run the page available for the visa.
  2. Poor protection from counterfeiting.

passport for a child

If we talk about the biometric passport, its advantages are as follows:

  1. A greater number of pages (46 instead of 36), which significantly reduces the likelihood of confusion associated with the lack of space for visas.
  2. The presence of a microchip. This modern element reduces to almost zero the probability of forging a document. In addition, thanks to a microchip identity verification process takes much less time.
  3. A simplified procedure for obtaining visas to many countries. In particular, these documents are in demand in the European Union.

It may seem that this document is perfect, however, and it is not without flaws:

  1. More complicated procedure - when submitting documents require the personal presence of the baby. Such a requirement is due to the fact that the baby will make digital photography.
  2. Long processing time.
  3. The higher price of services (according to the standards it is equal to 1500 rubles).

In the case of both passports there is another point that must be considered separately. It is the period of validity. So, old-style passport is valid 5 years, while the document biometrics issued for a period of 10 years. It would seem that here the advantage of a new document, certainly, but there is a caveat - for the first years of life the child will change greatly in appearance. If you talk about the full duration of biometrics, then to 10 years in the face of the owner and the face of a child actually can not look at the pictures. This means that trump concerning validity, becomes meaningless, and your daze be required to make a new passport well before the expiry of the functioning of the old.

Thus, both types of foreign identity cards have their own superiority and shortcomings. For this reason, before their registration should be properly weigh all aspects, so that eventually your child has received a document that will be really useful.

List of documents and filing space

In order to issue a passport for a newborn, you should contact one of the following instances:

  1. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  2. Federal Migration Service Management.
  3. Diplomatic Mission of the Russian Federation abroad.

Selection of place of filing documents depends on personal preference and location (in Russia or abroad). In addition, the document can be done overseas, and through the travel agency. However, here you can only help in the design of the old passports.

To get a permit without any problems, you need to prepare:

  1. Questionnaire filled in for the future owner of a minor. The reverse side of this form should contain information about the parents. If the parents of the baby does not, then entered the information on its legal representative.
  2. The passport of one of the parents (or representative), and provided a copy of the original document.
  3. Birth certificate crumbs (copy + original).
  4. Exposing hereby acknowledged newborn citizenship (the document is only available in cases where such information is not on the birth certificate).
  5. Four baby photos. Picture the following requirements: color, matte, with dimensions of 3.5 x 4.5.
  6. Receipt confirming payment of the state fee.

If the crumbs have been a passport, but it needs to be replaced, then, to the authority also provided a copy of the first page of this document.

Delays in obtaining the document may be different. It all depends on the type of passport and degree of urgency. Get permits in a short time only, provided that you make the child the old passports. If you want your baby had a passport containing biometric data, it means that in any case have to wait much longer.

The average term of registration zagrandokumenta is one month (speaking of old passport). In the case of the biometrics required some more time. However, the maximum waiting period will not exceed four months. If this period is exceeded, it is necessary to apply to the authority to determine the cause.