What can you give to your child on 1st birthday

What can you give to your child on 1st birthday

The baby is growing very fast, every day brings something new and interesting to all family members. When approaching the first day of the crumbs of birth, parents do not always believe that a whole year has passed since he was born. I would like to celebrate this day in particular, that the child understand the importance of this holiday. And any holiday - it is always fun and gifts.

Besides the question of how to celebrate this day, parents, as well as all other family members, worried about another important issue - what to give your child for 1 year? There are a number of recommendations, listen to that, you can pick up a bright, colorful and useful gift.

Rules of preparation gifts for kids

The first year of life the number of toys in his room becomes so large that they begin to settle down and in all other rooms. Therefore, choosing a gift for the birthday year-old child toys, you should consider carefully what else might be interested in crumbs. Many toys are similar to each other, and some do not help your child to develop, so do not buy them.

Another nuance of when choosing a gift baby for 1 year is the sex of the child, because there are toys for boys and girls. Separation of games on the floor allows the child from the very young age of the child to focus on his future role in society. But it is important to understand whether the baby will be glad such a gift, because it happens that the girl he enjoys cars, and the boy agreed to go out only with a pink stroller and bear it.

Sometimes wanting gifts year-old birthday present so much that the number of toys can not only please the baby, but also frightening. The child simply will not be able to evaluate all the new items, if there is too much. Therefore, grandparents, godfather, aunts and uncles, you can offer gifts of documentary purpose. Options such gifts for 1 year can be:

  • Linens;
  • A set of children's dishes;
  • Clothing and footwear;
  • Bike with a handle;
  • Play tent or swing, if they have a place to set up and hang up;
  • Tables and chairs, and more.

Educational toys

A large segment of the market of goods for children up toys, which bring not only fun the kids, but also benefit their development. Choosing a gift for a child's first birthday, you need to pay attention to the age for which is this or that toy. Designer with small parts or animals with scary snouts not please the baby, who is only 1 year.

Educational toys help the crumbs to develop fine motor skills of hands, fasten walking skill to learn to distinguish between colors, shapes and sizes. Among such useful toys include:

  • Pyramids and cubes;
  • Sorter of different sizes, which will help the baby to distinguish the shape of objects;
  • Lacing, was fond of the baby at the age of 1 year and develop fine motor skills;
  • Interactive toys;
  • Wooden puzzles with large elements.

The girl at a birthday party, you can give a doll that will be dressing and undressing, but it is better if it is a medium-sized toy, after all, the baby of 1 year is still not very strong hands and fingers.

Year-old boy can give car-wheelchair, this will help develop many muscles baby. Although often such transport will be useful and interesting girl and 1 year. They can be purchased with different colors, and the baby will be happy with the bright present.


The first year - this is a special period of development of the child, so the birthday celebration year-old kid, it is desirable to arrange a fun and memorable for all. And that in mind there are still some significant moments of this period of development of the child, you can give that special someone, for example:

  • A set of molds for the palms and feet - when the child grows up, it will be interesting to look at her hands, feet, although hard to believe that it was so;
  • Professional photo shoot - a good photographer will be able to qualitatively and beautifully capture the different moments of a child in a year;
  • Stadiometer - because when the baby is able to stand confidently, we can already begin to measure his height, enough of such a gift to 8 years, their height is usually 140 cm;
  • Finger paint and a sheet of paper, so that the child was able to draw his first painting the whole body.

When imagination dried up

Parents and other relatives next birthday a long time before the festival of birth racking their brains and consult with each other about the good and the right gift. And very often, no one knows what is still to give your child. In fact, modern industry of toys allows you to choose many different and useful gifts. All that is needed - is to go to the toy store.

In good big stores there are divisions by age and toys separately for boys and girls. Finding stand toys for children one year of age, parents can be sure to find something interesting and suitable. And even make a list of all family members, because gift options can be set. For example:

  • Capacity for toys - tissue cylinder or plastic box;
  • Rocking Horse - Modern rocking very different from those of the last century toys and quality, and reliability;
  • Musical toys, telephones, guitar and piano;
  • Educational tables with lots of features, buttons and colorful details;
  • Books - bright, colorful, dense, and sometimes even themselves telling a story;
  • Music wheel for a boy or a microphone to the girl;
  • And much more.

Parents afford to make a baby interesting and memorable birthday and presents which all the relatives will choose and will give a birthday, a long time will delight crumbs and benefit for its development.

The main thing in choosing gifts for the year-old child - to show a little imagination and available only suitable for his age and the nature of things and toys. And then a happy baby smile would be a good gift to all guests on this day.