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Classic perfection. This line of famous comb is a classic version of the brand. It is beautifully packed in a transparent plastic box. Packaging You can also consider the photo of the designer and its signature, as well as the colorful liner with product description and recommendations for use.

Efficiency and ease of use by calculations

Case, TT Original, is made of plastics, But the tunnels themselves are soft and flexible (although they are great to hold the form!). Teeth in this comb are located alternating rows - long, short, long, etc. This is done in order to be part of the chapels, which is not combed at the first movement, combed the next number of teeth. And it must be said that such a somewhat specific form is truly effective - the teeth not only do not delay their hair into the nodes, but also combing the most confusing chopencies.

Separately, you need to say about the design: it is unusual, and attracts attention, But this does not affect the convenience of use - according to numerous reviews of fans of TT from around the world, Tt Original You can safely be called one of the most convenient calculations that exist today.

Tt Original - Smooth, it is very pleasant to hold in hand. The inner side combs two, differing in length, a number of teeth, which is branded brand invention. A feature of this line is that the teeth are very soft, they absolutely do not scratch the scalp. Therefore, such a version of the brand line is perfectly suitable for its owners, who have no hair very thick, as well as those who have sensitive skin on the head.

In addition, this version has many advantages:

  • gently combines dry, damaged and painted hair;
  • does not break the hair structure, prevents them in cross section;
  • quickly combs her hair after washing;
  • convenient It falls into the hand, does not interfere with combing.

The calculations of this line will be well fit and children, because very gently and carefully care for hair.

TT original ➤

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