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Unusual calculations for fashionista

Bright, beautiful and very comfortable TT leaves conquered the world of modern accessories with their unusual design and saturated shades. They became a dream of every fashionista, and happy owners with joy demonstrate their photos on social networks.

There are several features that distinguish the famous Others:

  • it has small sizes and stylish color gamut;
  • It is good combing both wet and dry hair, without harming them;
  • Thanks to the special teeth, even very thick and wavy hair;
  • does not pull hair, warns the appearance of split tips.
  • Suitable for care for delicate children's hair.

Soft brush teeth made from high-quality plastic are located in two A series that makes it possible to quickly and maximize the hair to comb any length. It is suitable for all hair types, combing even the most confusing nodules and chopencies. Thanks to the original form, it is convenient to keep it in hand when combing, without fearing, which will slip out. Together with the combing procedure, it makes a light massage of the head of the head, which contributes to the best hair growth. It is noticed that combing TT hair, they do not break, and do not electrify.

TT Occasions - a solution for those who really cares about their hair

TT's calculations today safely can be called MUST HAVE Any long-haired beauty - in the matter of months, the notion of the British inventor literally captured the beauty industry. Today, TT is chosen for themselves for themselves and the stars with a world name, and those girls for whom the main thing - to save hair in excellent condition.

The manufacturer promises that this comb is capable of solving several problems at once, very relevant for long-haired ladies :

  • First of all, it is preserving the hair structure when combing, and as a result, a healthy look of the chapels.
  • except This, the comb does not pull out and does not pull the hair even with intensive combing.
  • TT comb, if necessary, easily disrupt even the largest chopencies.
  • This invention has become possible to comb hair from the roots ( And not at all from the tips, as it was most often done before).
  • TT is the perfect choice for curly, long, reckless hair and wigs.
  • Many girls celebrate that this comb It is simply indispensable when applying balms and hair masks.

Thus, TT has become a real revolution in the field of industries The rii of beauty, and therefore it is not surprising that more and more girls today choose the comb, which turn the hair care process in essential pleasure. TT is 5 main advantages that will turn out of your pose of combs.

Every day our hair is experiencing stress from cosmetic products, aggressive shampoos and hot blowing hairdryer or fluff, let's give our hair comb, which It will take care of it, and keep the beauty of each hair.


  1. The most respectable combing, will allow preserving the delictitude and integrity of the structure when combing dry and Wet hair.
  2. Easy and neat combing wet and dry hair is achieved due to soft and flexible teeth. Despite this, even intimidated hair or wet, it is easy to comb, without losing any hair.
  3. When combing your hair, it will not be electricalized, after laying it looks better and not fired.
  4. combing the hair is not pulled out, do not break, the hair section is noticeably reduced.
  5. soft teeth provide a pleasant head massage, it contributes blood flow to hair roots, which is very useful for their growth and health.
  6. Use the novelty to apply oil masks on the hair. With its help, the composition is evenly distributed through the hair.

The object for combing hair is made in the form of a semicircular form of plastic. The idea of ​​creating such a combat has come to one English stylist, and now you have the opportunity to use this invention.

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