TT elite

Many girls are interested in what the difference and advantage of the versions of the TT elite. The advantages of the quality of gentleholding is saved, the difference in the form. The shape of the gene is curved, more even. Soft rush teeth are located in the same order, as well as the classic version.

TT elite perfectly calculates wet and dry hair, disconnects, separates every hair. Compact, comfortable, stylish beautiful comb will emphasize your style. Soft and gentle massage, which provides flexible teeth, is another advantage of this invention.

TT elite - Assistant thick hair

This comb is the same package as TT Original: Box with designer signature, his photo and insert with a description. She is smooth, pleasant to the touch on the outside, on which the names of the names are posted. With its internal working side, it has two rows of teeth of different lengths, which significantly enhance hair clearance. From the previous version, it is characterized by the fact that the teeth are made with special barely noticeable tips that are well combined even very complex intricacies. The elite version is a bit already and longer than the Original, it is more convenient to keep it, if the palm is small.

its advantages are the same as the rest:

  • can cope with very confusing Hair;
  • Great for dry and for only washed hair;
  • does not tear hair, protects against loss and sequential tips;
  • convenient in use For any ages;
  • has a special design and color scheme.

At first glance, the ruler combing the elite may seem a little harsh, but it is perfect for dense and naughty hair.

TT elite - cabin care at home

this series today are preferred not only by professionals, but also those who look for a comb for daily use, those who are important comfort and convenience, Those who would like to take care of their hair at the level of a permanent visit to the beauty salon. Combs of all episodes are packaged in a branded transparent box with the corresponding name, and due to stylish appearance, such a comb can be a great gift.

Comb TT elite has a drop shape, which allows it to be convenient to repeat the palm shape. Interestingly, the TT elite does not have handles not because of beauty, originality and style, but on the other, quite a logical reason - to reduce the power of the hand of hand, which, in turn, minimizes the damage of the chapels when combing.

Thus, TT Elite is an excellent solution for those who would like at home to provide their hair salon care. With TT elites, it can be forgotten that electrified hair, koltunes, confusing the hair, etc. - Therefore, it is not surprising that today more girls chooses a TT elite.

Teeth penetrate deeply into Mass hair, it provides a well-groomed and neat view of your hairstyle. Due to the bend, the model combs TT elite provides a comfortable combing for girls with hair of any length.

If you want to grow long and beautiful hair as soon as possible, then the combing TT elite will help it for the shortest possible period. When combing, the hair structure is not damaged. Since wet hair is most vulnerable, and it is easy to damage it or pull out when combing, then these problems are not terrible from the TT series. Form, material, flexible teeth perform a combing task carefully. The combing process gives pleasant moments, because it is not only care, but also a useful and pleasant head massage.

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