TT compact with a lid

Excellent solution for the active girl who needs a compact and convenient means to quickly bring the hair in order. What is still good compact version? Its advantages can be listed infinitely: first of all, it is ideal for trips - after all, she has a special cover, warning damage to the teeth.

TT - double combing effect

This unique calcination is already lying In the handbags of millions of girls around the world. Hurry to order a stylish and necessary hair care object. Like the whole series of TT is designed to provide a soft and gentle combing to your hair. The difference lies in long cloths that provide double action during combing. Comb TT at the expense of original elongated teeth gives a small amount of your hair.

Compact, comfortable comb, does not take much space in your handbag, has a special stylish storage case. You can choose a favorite color from the represented range. In a hurry to work or on a date, this comb will help you out, instantly combs and distributes hair along the length and on the form of hairstyle, and you will be as always on top!

Do you still dream about thick and long hair? From now on, a simple solution was found, the TT comb takes care of the integrity and preservation of each hair. Every day your hair is under the protection and care of the new revolutionary combs gentle care TT.

If you are a model haircut, you make stacking for your hair every day, this comb will be indispensable. With its help, it is easy to give the shape of the laying of hair, neatly and quickly.

TT - calcination, which is always with you

Separately, it is worth saying about the color solutions that the tent range is so wide and diverse that To choose a comb, the appropriate taste and even the mood will not be difficult. And the stylish appearance, popularity, and packaging makes a cult made with a great gift and for a child, and for a girl and even for a man.

TT - Perfection of the shape

This line of comb has no distinguished From previous versions packaging - a box with signature, photo and bright instruction. It is smooth from above and "toothy" from the inside. Its main difference from the rest of the line is its innovative shape and new, even more stylish, design. Due to the reduced dimensions (9x6x5), as well as the weight of only 103 grams, it feels perfectly even in the smallest palm, turning the process of combing to real pleasure. In addition, we have a special lid that hides the teeth and protects against dust and dirt.

pluses and advantages of the compact version of TT are practically the same as the rest:

  • Easily copes with very complex intricacies and chattones;
  • perfectly combing and wet, and dry hair;
  • does not scratch the scalp, has a light massage effect;
  • Easy, easy to use and unusually beautiful.

It is perfectly placed in the handbag of any size, and it can be delivered literally in a few seconds. Thanks to the super-size compact - an indispensable girlfriend of every fashionista on travel and at parties.

TT - face

TT compact with a lid
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TT - Space

TT compact with a lid
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TT - Metallic Red

TT compact with a lid
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TT compact with a lid ➤

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