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You can safely be called one of the last innovations in the line of innovative TT. From other models represented by the manufacturer, it is different, first of all, by the fact that it does not slide in the vertical position, being wet. Thus, this comb is ideal for those who love and often make masks on the hair, and also prefers to derive wet hair.

TT Aqua - an indispensable perfection among the calculation

The brand breakdock line It is very useful for leaving long hair after the shower. Its packaging is the same as the other TT, but the design and shape of combs has changed. Thanks to the new form, it is very easy and convenient to keep in a vertical position when combing. It does not slide on wet hair, and gently and carefully dismantle them. Such a comb is simply ideal for applying nutrient masks and other hair care treatments.

Thanks to the original form, it can be used and as a glass. With weight of only 130g and 14x9x6 cm, it is an excellent hair care assistant. In addition, TT Aqua has many other useful qualities:

  • Suitable for combing hair of any type;
  • Excellent combing very dry and confused hair;
  • Beautiful, convenient, easy to use.

Its new design and work of improved cloves will even appreciate the most demanding fashionista. Such a TT will always find a cozy place in your bathroom and will become indispensable for travel.

TT Aqua - easy to deteriorate directly in the water

speaking of the advantages of this model, its convenience should be noted: it is not slides in the hands, not sinking in water, etc. Yes, and with its direct appointment, this comb is coping with no problem: with its help you can easily and economically distribute balm throughout the length of the hair, to fasten the desolted long hair, etc. In addition, in the bathroom, this comb at the expense of its unusual and ergonomic shape can be used not only for its intended purpose, but also as a glass for the necessary trifles.

Thus, it can be attributed to the indisputable advantages of this combat The range of color solutions, the comfort of use (conveniently lies in hand, low weight, possibility of use in water), high quality of switches and the ability to create lush styling.

TT Aqua - an unusual stylish garbage for amateur surround yourself with original things

The first thing that distinguishes this comb from other models, this is a pipe-like form, in the form of a cup. From one sidewall there are cloves. As always, the cloves are soft, different lengths, and well bend. Another sidewall is designed for convenient placement of the body of combustible in hand. The owner of TT Aqua declare that such a matter of hair care is even better coping with the calculation and careful departure. Hair is not electrolyzed and not fastened. Comb is suitable for uniform applying oils, balms, masks.

Look for a way to keep the beauty of your hair - order TT Aqua comb! Why the manufacturers decided to create a comb of such an unusual form, and why the one side is open. The advantage of this design is the availability for washing the case, because in gentle closed versions, moisture can accumulate, the remains of the shampoo, masks, etc. and the unusual shape of combs can be used to store small hairpins or rubber bands.

Easy and Compact, despite the oblong shape, you can easily place it in your handbag, and you will always use it with pleasure. Like all models, a comb provides when combing a light pleasant massage of the scalp.

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