Tangle Angel combs

Tangle Angel - your unchanged helper in hair care

This unique item has a number of advantages that allocate it among the others. It is worth noting the fact that the product presented is not a simple scallop, but a multifunctional and convenient tool to care about your chic curls.

Made from natural and safe materials, products of this type allows without obstacles to combed even after the shower. If the hair is difficult to put in order, they quickly confuse and do not listen to you, then you need to buy a Tangle Angel comb. The comb was developed by qualified specialists to ensure maximum comfort during hair care. From the first minutes you will feel how durable and at the same time soft teeth allow you to unwit even the most disobedient curls.

and at the same time, the developers paid special attention to the hygienicness of the product, making it from safe raw materials. In addition, due to the structure of the scallop, it is easily clean and cleaned. Tangle Angel can be kept behind the wings (for greater control) or for the handle (for everyday use).

Size of calculations: 19 cm * 9 cm

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